How to Get the Best Deal on Textbooks

Aside from the colossal cost of college itself, students are also required to purchase $100+ books. I have compiled a short list of tricks to help you n the textbook buying process.

Myth #1 “I have to purchase textbooks from my university bookstore”

This is completely wrong! There are a few colleges out there that require books be purchased through the school, but 99% of schools don’t care. As you can tell from the picture below, the university bookstore isn’t always the best place to purchase textbooks if you are trying to save a few bucks.


Myth #2 “I have to purchase my books brand new”

Wrong, again! Textbooks can be bought used or rented. If you are so lucky to find someone to personally buy the materials from, that’s great! Unfortunately, we can’t all be so lucky. There are a lot of sites out there dedicated to textbook renting, plus, Amazon always has great deals, too.

Some sites I have found for text book rentals are:

  1. ValoreBooks
  2. BookRenter
  3. AbeBooks
  4. Chegg
  5. CheapestTextbooks

Text Books

To ensure you are getting the best deal possible, plug all your ISBN’s onSlugBooks!¬†You will be able to compare prices to purchase and rent from various sellers.

Myth #3 “I cannot highlight in rentals”

Be sure to check each company’s policy, but most encourage you to highlight and make notes!

I hope this post helps you save some cash on textbooks!

Thanks for reading!