Moving In/My Dorm!

Hey everyone! I know I am a little late posting this (I moved in last week), but better late than never! First, let me start by saying packing is probably the hardest part of it all. I made countless lists and checked over everything numerous times, and STILL forgot many things. Other than forgetting a hairdryer, fingernail clippers, etc. I was pretty well set to move in to my dorm. As I drove three hours from home, I began to think of how I was on the top floor of my building. How was I supposed to carry all this up countless flights of stairs?! When I arrived to my college, everything was extremely hectic. I was directed to park and a bunch of sorority girls asked what my room number was and told me to go check in. I went to he table where my RA handed me my key and lead me up the stairs to show me to my room so I could sign a few papers. By the time I signed the last paper, everything from my car was neatly placed outside the door of my dorm room! It took my roommate and I about an hour or so to unpack and move all our things around how we wanted them to be. I have attached a few pictures to show you a small glimpse. Once I get everything looking “cute”, I will post many more pictures!

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Also, I LOVE my gorgeous monogram I ordered from WholesaleMonograms on etsy! I received my order quickly, and it was a great price for the quality of work. I would recommend it to anyone looking to spruce up their dorm, or any other room!

Thanks for reading, and I will talk to you guys again soon!


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Roommate Contract

Having a roommate may seem a little strange, and a lot of scary. Have you seen all the movies where they turn out t be crazy, psycho killers?! The chances of getting an ax-murdered for a roommate are low, so I think we’re good. Even if you don’t have to worry about her killing you in your sleep, there are a lot of things you do need to be concerned about. Most roommates are paired up by a compatibility test within the housing application, so you most likely already have something in common. However, there are A LOT of unknowns. Does she like the room hot or cold? Cluttered or organized? Is she going to have guests at all hours of the night? Can I borrow those cute boots she never wears? Get the answers to all these questions and more by filling out TalesFromTech’s roommate contract!

Contract Room 2


Remember, do not be a Sheldon Cooper roommate!

I hope this contract helps you and your roommate get along better and saves a lot of confusion. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thanks for reading!