Dorm Assignments/Shopping Tips

I have been counting down the days until my university posted dorm room assignments, and putting off buying anything until I was certain how much space I had. Well, the day has finally arrived! Luckily, I was assigned to my first choice, the newest hall on campus! Even though I am at the top floor, I am still excited to have a little more dorm space and a private bathroom within my dorm. Now comes the hard part, furnishing the 20 x 11 living area and the adjoining bathroom. I have already started frantically searching Pinterest for the cutest ideas. I soon discovered that my bank account would be drained if I purchased everything I thought would be cute and match the color scheme my roommate and I had picked out. So, with a few gift cards I had received as graduation presents and a venti Starbuck’s cup in hand, I went down every “back to school” aisle of nearly every store. For someone who absolutely LOVES shopping, I was quite overwhelmed with everything.

I will be making a whole separate post about everything that I bought, but for now, I will share a few tips that I have for those of you who have not yet started out on your dorm shopping journey.

1). Talk to your roommate before you buy ANYTHING.

If you are going to have a roommate, or multiple roommates, be sure to discuss a few things with them beforehand. Some of the things you should talk about are the rules of the room, how late you stay up, if you will have guest over, how you want to decorate the room, etc.

I will have an entire post dedicated to roommates in the near future!

2). Have a plan before you go.

After talking to your roommate, you will now know who needs to buy what. Maybe she is brining the mini-fridge and microwave, so you are bringing all the bathroom furnishings. Have a plan of what to buy, and what colors you want to buy them in.

3). Establish a budget.

This also fits under number 2, but in the sight of getting everything you think you need, you lose track of how much you are spending. If your parents are buying, talk to them about how much they want to spend. If you are buying it on your own, spend even less! Check around at different stores and look online for the lowest price.

4). Stay within your color scheme/theme.

Make sure you stay with the decided colors. If you have a pattern, try not to mix too many together. It will make your dorm look better, and, overall, make you feel better.

5). Have fun!

This is the final step before going off to college. Try not to stress over it and enjoy every bit of it, even if your mom starts crying.

The countdown is on!

Days ’til Orientation: 7

Days ’til Move In: 36


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