Moving In/My Dorm!

Hey everyone! I know I am a little late posting this (I moved in last week), but better late than never! First, let me start by saying packing is probably the hardest part of it all. I made countless lists and checked over everything numerous times, and STILL forgot many things. Other than forgetting a hairdryer, fingernail clippers, etc. I was pretty well set to move in to my dorm. As I drove three hours from home, I began to think of how I was on the top floor of my building. How was I supposed to carry all this up countless flights of stairs?! When I arrived to my college, everything was extremely hectic. I was directed to park and a bunch of sorority girls asked what my room number was and told me to go check in. I went to he table where my RA handed me my key and lead me up the stairs to show me to my room so I could sign a few papers. By the time I signed the last paper, everything from my car was neatly placed outside the door of my dorm room! It took my roommate and I about an hour or so to unpack and move all our things around how we wanted them to be. I have attached a few pictures to show you a small glimpse. Once I get everything looking “cute”, I will post many more pictures!

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Also, I LOVE my gorgeous monogram I ordered from WholesaleMonograms on etsy! I received my order quickly, and it was a great price for the quality of work. I would recommend it to anyone looking to spruce up their dorm, or any other room!

Thanks for reading, and I will talk to you guys again soon!


Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or endorsed by an products/companies mentioned in this post. All opinions are mine.


How to Get the Best Deal on Textbooks

Aside from the colossal cost of college itself, students are also required to purchase $100+ books. I have compiled a short list of tricks to help you n the textbook buying process.

Myth #1 “I have to purchase textbooks from my university bookstore”

This is completely wrong! There are a few colleges out there that require books be purchased through the school, but 99% of schools don’t care. As you can tell from the picture below, the university bookstore isn’t always the best place to purchase textbooks if you are trying to save a few bucks.


Myth #2 “I have to purchase my books brand new”

Wrong, again! Textbooks can be bought used or rented. If you are so lucky to find someone to personally buy the materials from, that’s great! Unfortunately, we can’t all be so lucky. There are a lot of sites out there dedicated to textbook renting, plus, Amazon always has great deals, too.

Some sites I have found for text book rentals are:

  1. ValoreBooks
  2. BookRenter
  3. AbeBooks
  4. Chegg
  5. CheapestTextbooks

Text Books

To ensure you are getting the best deal possible, plug all your ISBN’s onSlugBooks! You will be able to compare prices to purchase and rent from various sellers.

Myth #3 “I cannot highlight in rentals”

Be sure to check each company’s policy, but most encourage you to highlight and make notes!

I hope this post helps you save some cash on textbooks!

Thanks for reading!



101 Student Discounts

As a shopaholic, I need to get my fix by buying anything and everything I find. As a college student, I need to get all the discounts and save all the money I possibly can. So, I have compiled a list of all the places (that I am aware of), that will give a student discount when you present either your university email or student I.D. card. So, let’s get started.

Everything is alphabetized within each category. Miscellaneous items are at the bottom.

Student Discounts


  1. Amazon Student – free six month trial of Amazon Prime with your .edu email
  2. AMC Theaters – on Thursday’s
  3. Cinemark Theaters
  4. Regal Theaters – up to 25% off
  5. Arby’s – 10%
  6. Buffalo Wild Wings – 10%
  7. Burger King – 10%
  8. Chick-Fil-A – free drink
  9. Chipotle – free drink
  10. Dairy Queen – 10%
  11. Domino’s
  12. Firehouse Subs – 10%
  13. Hard Rock Café
  14. IHOP – 10%
  15. Little Caesars
  16. McDonald’s – 10%
  17. Papa John’s
  18. Pizza Hut – 10-20%
  19. Subway – 10%
  20. Taco Bell – 10%
  21. Taco Cabana – 20%
  22. Waffle House – 10%
  23. Ann Taylor – 20%
  24. Ann Taylor LOFT – 15%
  25. ASOS – 10%
  26. Banana Republic – 15%
  27. Charlotte Russe – 10%
  28. Club Monaco – 20%
  29. Dockers – 20%
  30. Eddie Bauer – 15%
  31. Forever 21 – 4% cash back
  32. Goodwill – 10%
  33. H&M – 15%
  34. J. Crew – 15%
  35. Juicy Couture – 15%
  36. Kate Spade – 15%
  37. Kenneth Cole – 20%
  38. Levi’s – 15%
  39. Madewell – 15%
  40. Medelita – 25%
  41. Necessary Clothing – 20%
  42. Plato’s Closet – 10%
  43. Ralph Lauren Rugby – 15%
  44. shoebuy.com – 15%
  45. Steve Madden – 10%
  46. Target – 10% cash back
  47. The Limited – 15%
  48. Toms
  49. Topshop – 10%
  50. Urban Outfitter’s – 10%
  51. Vineyard Vines – 15%
  52. Walmart – 10% cash back
  53. Adobe
  54. Apple – 8%
  55. Best Buy
  56. Corel
  57. Dell
  58. HP
  59. Lenovo
  60. Logitech
  61. Microsoft
  62. Norton – up to 50%
  63. RadioShack – 10%
  64. Sony – 10%
  65. ThinkEDU
  66. Western Digital – 20%
  67. Kroger – 5%
  68. Sam’s Club
  69. Dormitup.com – keep a lookout for a special coupon code on my blog!
  70. Pier 1 – 15%
  71. PBTeen.com – 10%
  72. AT&T
  73. Cricket
  74. Sprint
  75. T-Mobile
  76. Verizon
  77. Joann – 10%
  78. Ben Franklin Crafts – 10%
  79. Hancock Fabrics – 10%
  80. Sally Beauty Supply
  81. Ulta
  82. Sephora
  83. Allstate
  84. Esurance
  85. Geico
  86. Nationwide Insurance
  87. State Farm Insurance
  88. Traveler’s Insurance
  89. 24 Hour Fitness
  90. CorePower Yoga
  91. Eastern Mountain Sports – 15-20%
  92. Amtrak
  93. Coach USA
  94. Greyhound
  95. GM
  96. Madame Tussauds – 15% (A lot of zoos, museums, art galleries, etc. offer student discounts, too!)
  97. Barnes & Noble
  98. Choice Hotels – 15%
  99. FedEx – 20-30%
  100. Jiffy Lube – $10 or 10%
  101. SmartStop Self Storage – first month $1, each additional month up to 15% off

Disclaimer: Each company has a different policy for their discounts. For example, some require purchase to be in store, some require online. Other stores may only apply the discounts on certain days. Make sure to check with the store beforehand to ensure you get the best deal!

I hope you score some major discounts! Thanks for reading!



Roommate Contract

Having a roommate may seem a little strange, and a lot of scary. Have you seen all the movies where they turn out t be crazy, psycho killers?! The chances of getting an ax-murdered for a roommate are low, so I think we’re good. Even if you don’t have to worry about her killing you in your sleep, there are a lot of things you do need to be concerned about. Most roommates are paired up by a compatibility test within the housing application, so you most likely already have something in common. However, there are A LOT of unknowns. Does she like the room hot or cold? Cluttered or organized? Is she going to have guests at all hours of the night? Can I borrow those cute boots she never wears? Get the answers to all these questions and more by filling out TalesFromTech’s roommate contract!

Contract Room 2


Remember, do not be a Sheldon Cooper roommate!

I hope this contract helps you and your roommate get along better and saves a lot of confusion. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thanks for reading!


What To Wear: Orientation

Orientation is the first step into the beginning of your college career. At this time, you will meet a lot of people, including: fellow classmates, upperclassmen students, advisors, professors, and other staff. Alongside making many first impressions, you will be taking your student I.D. picture that will be with you for the net four years. You need to dress comfortably, but still look presentable.

I have put together three options for you to look at, please feel free to tweak as you wish!

Option One

The first outfit is simple, yet looks nice. All you have to do it pair a t-shirt with your school’s logo/name on it with a cute pair of shorts. Add some cute, comfy shoes and maybe add some small jewelry.

Option Two

Get out of the t-shirt with this slightly dressier option. Pair a fun printed pair of shorts with a solid colored top. Strap on some sandals, and you’re good to go!

Option Three

Get that effortless, cute outfit by throwing on a cute romper and a pair of sandals. Not only will you be super comfortable, you will look great, too!

Check out my article about all things orientation – Surviving College Orientation!

I hope these suggestions helped!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me!

I do not own any images shown in this article.

All opinions are mine and not endorsed or affiliated with any products pictures/mentioned.